March 25, 2009

T-Max ft. J - Wish Ur My Love [Boys Before Flowers Part 2]

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Artist: T-MAX (티맥스) ft. J / / Jeong Jae Young (정재영)
Title: Wish You're My Love
꽃보다 남자 OST Part 2 / Boys Before Flowers OST Part 2


나도 나를 잘 모르겠어
내가 이럴줄 몰랐어
당황스레 조심스레
자꾸 너만 부르잖아

이런 내 맘을 다그쳐도
네가 내 곁을 스치면
또 그렇게 웃으면
난 아무것도 못해

사랑이 아니라고
내가 날 말리고 밀어내봐도
혼자서 웃고 울고
이런 나를 어떡해

wish you're my love
이제 내게로 와요
나도 모를 설레임에
오늘도 난 이렇게 난
니 앞에 서성이지만
사랑 꼭 말해야 아나요
이렇게 원하고 있는데
영원을 약속할 단 한사람 

아직 사랑에 서툴러도
혹시 내 맘이 들리면
또 네 안에 닿으면
날 향해서 웃어줘

너에게 고백하려
준비한 밤새워 생각한 말들
결국 네 앞에서는
아무말도 못하고

Repeat [*]

이 맘을 느껴봐
너만을 바라는 내 사랑을

wish you're my love
이제 우리 사랑해요
더는 속일수 없어요
이제 나를 허락해요
용기내 고백하도록
그대도 내 맘과 같다면
그대도 원하고 있다면
내게로 와줘요 이제 우리


nado nareul jal moreugesseo
naega ireoljul mollasseo
danghwangseure josimseure
jakku neoman bureujanha

ireon nae mameul dageuchyeodo
nega nae gyeoteul seuchimyeon
tto geureoke useumyeon
nan amugeotdo motae

sarangi anirago
naega nal malligo mireonaebwado
honjaseo utgo ulgo
ireon nareul eotteokhae

wish you're my love
ije naegero wayo
nado moreul seolleime
oneuldo nan ireoke nan
ni ape seoseongijiman
sarang kkok malhaeya anayo
ireoke wonhago inneunde
yeongwoneul yaksokhal dan hansaram 

ajik sarange seotulleodo
hoksi nae mami deullimyeon
tto ne ane daheumyeon
nal hyanghaeseo useojwo

neoege gobaekharyeo
junbihan bamsaewo saenggakhan maldeul
gyeolguk ne apeseoneun
amumaldo motago

Repeat [*]

i mameul neukkyeobwa
neomaneul baraneun nae sarangeul

wish you're my love
ije uri saranghaeyo
deoneun sogilsu eobseoyo
ije nareul heorakhaeyo
yongginae gobaekhadorok
geudaedo nae mamgwa gatdamyeon
geudaedo wonhago itdamyeon
naegero wajwoyo ije uri

credit: crazykyootie@soompi + minsarang@wp

i don’t know myself very well either
i didn’t know that i would be like this
flustered, carefully
i keep calling only you

even if you urge my heart like this
if you brush by my side
and laugh like that
i can’t do anything

It's not love 
no matter how many times i tell myself that
i laugh by myself
what am i supposed to do with myself

i wish you’re my love
come to me now
i get excited with me knowing it
i’m like this today too
even though i’m just a lucky star next to you
must i really say it’s love for you to know
i long for it this much
the person that i’ll promise with forever
is you

although my love is still awkward
if by any chance you can hear my heart
if it’s different from “i’m sorry”
give me a smile

To confess to you
I stayed up all night preparing the words to say
Yet when i’m standing in front of you
Nothing comes out

Repeat [*]

feel this heart of mine
that longs for only you my love

i wish you’re my love
let’s be in love now
i can’t deceive you by saying goodbye
now give me permission
so i can gather courage today
if your heart is the same as mine
if you want me
please come to me
let’s start together now

MV @ MP3
credit: janey Wang@youtube

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