March 25, 2009

Shim Soo Bong - I Only Know Love

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Artist: Koo Hye Sun (구혜선) / Shim Soo Bong (심수봉)
Title: I Don't Know Anything But Love (사랑밖에 난 몰라)
꽃보다 남자 OST / Boys Before Flowers OST
**sang and played on the piano by Geum Jandi on JP's birthday**

credit: Corrie's Blog@multiply

그대 내곁에 선 순간
그 눈빛이 너무 좋아
어제는 울었지만
오늘은 당신땜에
내일은 행복할거야

얼굴도 아니 멋도 아니아니
부드러운 사랑만이 필요했어요
지나간 세월모두 잊어버리게
당신없이 아무것도 이젠
할수없어 사랑밖에 난 몰라-

무심히 버려진 날 위해
울어주던 단 한사람
커다란 어깨위에
기대고 싶은꿈을
당신은 깨지 말아요

이날을 언제나 기다려왔어요
서러운 세월만큼 안아주세요
그리운 바람처럼 사라질까봐
사랑하다 헤어지면 다시
보고싶고 당신이 너무 좋아


geudae naegyeote seon sungan
geu nunbichi neomu joha
eojeneun ureotjiman
oneureun dangsinttaeme
naeireun haengbokhalgeoya

eolguldo ani meotdo aniani
budeureoun sarangmani pillyohaesseoyo
jinagan sewolmodu ijeobeorige
dangsineobsi amugeotdo ijen
halsueobseo sarangbakke nan molla

musimhi beoryeojin nal wihae
ureojudeon dan hansaram
keodaran eokkaewie
gidaego sipeunkkumeul
dangsineun kkaeji marayo

inareul eonjena gidaryeowasseoyo
seoreoun sewolmankeum anajuseyo
geuriun baramcheoreom sarajilkkabwa
saranghada heeojimyeon dasi
bogosipgo dangsini neomu joha

credit: littleariel13@wordpress + davichilyrics@blogspot

The moment you stood next to me
I like it so much how you looked at me
Yesterday though I cried
Today because of you
Tomorrow I will be happy

It’s not about the face, not about the chic, no no
What I needed was only a gentle love
Forgetting all the time flowing
Now without you, I can’t do anything
I don’t know anything but love

For me who was abandoned without even thinking
The one person that cried for me
From the dream where I long to lean behind those broad shoulders
Please don’t wake up

I’ve always waited for this day
As much as the sorrowful time, please hold me
Cause you might fade away like that wind I had longed for
I love you. And I want to see you again if we are parted
I like you so much

MV @ MP3
credit: xMei@youtube


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