December 16, 2010

2AM - You Wouldn't Answer My Calls (전활 받지 않는 너에게)

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Artist: 2AM  
Title: You Wouldn't Answer My Calls 
(전활 받지 않는 너에게)

credit: Monkey3 & kimchi hana @ soompi

얼마나 싫어할 지 알면서도
이것 밖에 할 게 없다
너의 집 앞에서
하릴없이 너를 기다리는 일

아무리 나 비참해도
너를 잃는 것보단
잃을 게 없어서 같은 곳에서
너의 집 앞에서 기다린다

이미 전활 받지 않는 너에게
나를 보려조차 않는 너에게
아무리 빌어도 용서를 구해도
소용 없는 일이라 해도

너의 집 앞에 서서 기다린다
나를 본체조차 하지 않아도
마치 처음 본 사람처럼 날 지나쳐도
미안하다는 내 한마딜 들어줄 때까지

수 십 번씩 전화기를 보고
작은 소리에도 놀라서
너의 문자인지
몇 번씩 확인하곤 했어

처음엔 늘 있는 다툼처럼
돌아 올 줄 알았어
이렇게 독하게 날 떠나기엔
너는 너무 착한 여자라서

Repeat *
Repeat **

credit: kimchi hana @ soompi

Eolmana shireohal ji almyeonseodo
Eegut bakgae hal gae eopda jip apaeseo
Halileopsi neoreul gidarineun il

Amuri na bichamhaedo
Neoreul ilneun geotbodan
Ileul gae eopseose gateun gosaeseo jip apaeseo gidarinda

Imi junhwal badji anneun neo.aegae
Nareul boryeojocha anneun neo.aegae
Amuri bileodo yongseoreul guhaedo
Soyong eopneun ilira haedo

**[Changmin] jip apae seoseo gidarinda
Nareul bonchejocha haji anado
Machi cheo.eum bohn saramcheoreom nal jinachyeodo
Mianhadaneun nae hanmadil deuleojul ddaekkaji

Su ship beonsshik jeonhwagireul bogo
Jakeun sori.aedo nollaseo moonjainji
Myeot beonsshik hwakinhagon haesseo

[Seulong] Cheo.eumaeneun
Cheo.eumaeneun neul itneun datoomcheoreom
Dora ol jul arasseo
Eereokhae dokhagae nal ddeonagien
Neoneun neomu chakhan yeojaraseo

Repeat *
Repeat **

credit: kimchi hana @ soompi

Even though I know
How much, how much you'd hate it
This is the only thing I can do
Waiting aimlessly for you
in front of your house

No matter
No matter how pathetic I am
Rather than forgetting about you
Since I have nothing to forget
At the same place
In front of your house, I wait

To you, who already wouldn't answer my calls
To you, who won't even look at me
No matter how much I wish and beg for forgiveness
Even if you say it's useless

I stand and wait in front of your house
Even if you pretend like you didn't see me
Even if you pass me by like someone you saw for the first time
Until you listen to my apology, the one thing I have to say

In a day
I look at my phone so many times
I became surprised by even a small noise
That I checked several times
To see if it was a text from you

At first
At first, like after the fights we always had
I thought you would come back
Because you're too nice of a woman
To leave me so painfully like this

Repeat *
Repeat **

=====MV @ MP3=====
credit: ibighit@youtube

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