June 08, 2009

Kim Jong Wook (ft Davichi's Kang Min Kyung) - If You Pretend

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Kim Jong Wook (ft Davichi's Kang Min Kyung) - If You Pretend
CREDIT: diffa_is_a_genius@soompi forums [romanization] , LGrace22@soompi forums [translation] , SeOkKiE@youtube


I like moving grooving
I like grooving moving
I take a loving moving moving

harue baekbeon kkeunheodo yeolbeon
namjaga neomu manha
eojjeojyo ijen nugul goreulkkayo

gwaenchanheun hunnam jjang joheun maeneo
gedaga seupocheuka
eopgetjyo geudaen haedangsahang eobtjyo

geuraeyo arayo
naega chonseureopjyo
geuraedo naege gihoereul
han beon deo jul sun eomnayo

geudaeneun cheok bomyeon anayo
nagateun sarameun an geuraeyo
bomyeon bolsurok gwaenchanheun
geureon saramingeol wae moreunayo
geudaeneun geot bomyeon anayo
sok gipeun nae maeumeun an boinayo
geunyang nun gamgo han beon mideojuseyo

cheokbomyeon araboneun saram mullon itjyo
anbomyeo saraboni nado mullon
neukkyeohajiman jeongmal nan dallayosumanheun
saramdeureulmannagoseo alge dwaetjyogeudaemani
nae simjangeul ttwige handangeolgeudaega animyeon nan

geuraeyo arayo
naega chonseureopjyo
geuraedonaege gihoereul
han beon deo jul sun eomnayo

naneunya cheok bomyeon arayo
naege eoullineun geu saram
hamkke inneun geot maneuro
jakkuman seolleineun geureon saram
geudaereul ttak bomyeon arayo
naege ppajyeo dareun sarang motajyo
eojjeomyeon jochyo jakku mianhaneyo

harureul mannado simnyeoni jinado
eonjena ttokgateun saramnaingeol wae moreunayo
geudaeneun geudaeneungeudaeneun cheokbomyeon anayo
nagateun sarameun tto eobseoyo
almyeon alsurok kkok matneun
geudae namjaingeol wae moreunayo
naneunya ttakbomyeon arayo
yeongwonhi naega saranghaejul han saram
geudae ppunijyo geudae hana ppunijyo


I like moving grooving
I like grooving moving
I take a loving moving moving

Even if It stops a hundred times a day
Theres too many guys
What will she do. Who will she pick next

Okay looking face. Good manners
Drive a Sports Car
There cant be one, No one will be applicable for her

Thats right. I know
Im old fashioned
But still a chance for me
Cant you give it to me once more

Does she know when I look at her
People like me dont do that
The more I look, the better it seems
Its that kind of person, How do you not know
Does she know when she sees the end
My heart which is now so deep, cant she see it
Just close your eyes, and trust me

When I look, the person of course Illl recognize
When I dont look, will you recognize me
I can feel it, but I just have to change
After meeting people, I knew. That only she
Can make my heart race fast. If its not her I

Thats right, I know.
Im in the old style.
But still a chance for me
Cant you just lend me one last one

I, know when I see you
That person that is my match
Just being together
That one person that makes me nervous
I know just by looking at her
Fall into me. Cant do any other love.
What can I do. Im so happy, and sorry.

Even If I see you one day, even if 10 years pass
Why cant you know that I will always be the same person
She, She, She When she looks at me, does she know
There is no other person like me
The more and more I look, the more correct it seems
Why cant she know, Im her guy
Hey I, know right when I look at you
The person that will love me forever
Only her, she is the only one

.::Lyrics of Life::.


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